Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Looking out for your neighbours?

Or going beyond the limits of acceptability? This is not enviro related but is one of those stories that makes you think "what if it had happened here?".

The full report is from ABCNews, and concerns a certain Joe Horn, who shot and killed two burglars attempting to break into his neighbour's house.

Now here in the UK, Joe Horn would already be serving a long sentence for manslaughter; over the other side of the pond, a grand jury actually declined to indict him, so he will not even be facing trial.

Here you can be 'done' for putting the wrong recyclables into the incorrect recycling bin. It rather makes you think, doesn't it?

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Peter said...

Not a jury I'd like to be on.

I recall a case of a namesake, one Tony Martin, which caused some furore at the time. And (depending on how you view the evidence - he was a man alone in an isolated spot with more than one intruder who had gained agrresive access to his home) he was 'defending' himself.

You are welcome to share such issues, but might I invite you in future to pop 'em over on sister site 'El Burro Hotay', which I created for non-enviro issues.