Monday, July 14, 2008

Eight new nuclear plants to be built

That's the story as told by the Telegraph over the weekend.

I can remember Ol' Golden's pronouncement on the move to use an enhanced nuclear capability as part of the overall plan to reduce the UK's carbon emissions. However, I can also remember the promise that there would be a large public consultation before any plans were agreed and before any building program might commence. Hmmmm, it all rather smacks of a 'done deal' now.

Oh well, at least the cabinet seem to have something practical to do now - "Ministers are to build eight new nuclear power stations across England"

I hope I'm not in the vicinity when the new plants get commissioned!

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Peter said...

I saw the same thing in the Gaurdian and, perhaps a sorry sign of where we're at, passed over it as it just seems... as you suggest... 'a done deal'.

I'm on a few blog/forums with a few smart cookies who seem to know a thing or two, and the issues of cost of decommissioning and disposal seem totally glossed over.

I know I challege such as wind on enviROI, but this is much more serious to have up front.

I don't know if you recall a whiel ago there was an MP letter (I think from the FoE) I posted (in all ways) about the hijacking of planning laws to take much out of the area of public discourse.

Sneakily it was all rushed through and gave us only a few days to rally support, and also was all designed to land on a Sunday.

This was several weeks ago and to date I have not even heard from him whether he agreed/disagreed or turned out.

Democracy inaction.