Thursday, August 07, 2008

Sticks and stones... and degrees... and QEDs

I usually steer clear of the whole CC thing, but this caught my attention: Planning for the worst

First up there was the 'planning for' vs. 'avoiding' shift (albeit with an inevitability slant), but also the first line resonated: 'Just like blades, phrases can be blunted by overuse. Talk of avoiding "catastrophic climate change" is so familiar, the words no longer instantly stir up apocalyptic images. '

All, sadly, true. And one must wonder why.

Even more sadly, I tended to skip through the SOSO text in a pretty cursory manner, and then alighted on the comments in reply, of which this was the first: 'I see the climate change 'denier' nutters are on here as usual.'

And so I gave up. QED.

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