Thursday, December 04, 2008

Cars of the future?

An interesting look at vehicles of the future, from CNN.

Hmmmm. I didn't realise that Toyota was losing money on each Prius sold.

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Peter said...

Me either.

I have to say that I start cranking eyebrows at anything 'green' that also loses money.

However, it's Toyota's to lsoe so big up to them for the commitment.


We then get to enviROI. And after the last Top Gear I have to say that getting one to 'look' eco vs. a small diesel to 'be' it is taking an odd path. Mind you, I know a few who give a stuff for any eco-benefits and just want the London congestion charge concession. So much for joined up thinking in government.

The power of that programme is amazing. I just read that sales of the G-Wiz have nosedived, not least because of a safety test that was doen that showed it was, well, not very.

Personally, I can't figure out why all these green cars are such stylistic dogs, save the fun ones such as the Tesla.

Still working on getting LPG in my Volvo.