Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More doom and gloom

These reports seem to be coming so thick and fast at the moment it is becoming quite easy to, well, simply avoid reading them, but this, from the New Scientist, is short and quite illuminating.

The essence of the piece? Even if we stopped all fossil fuel burning right now, the planet could take over a thousand years to recover from the excess CO2 in the atmosphere.

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Peter said...

One reason, of many, why I tend to steer clear of such macro climate change pieces these days. It's hard to get motivated by 'doom and gloom'.

Between it, and the comments, what do I, as an average Joe Schmoe, come away with?

Sadly the core issues seem all lost in the extremes of the debate.

I was going to say it needs government to kick in if it is this serious, but they obviously are not to the level the stated situation requires, which begs the question 'why not?'.

So, sadly, my faith and trust in authority is none to high at present.

It's one battle I don't feel qualified to engage with, and hence tend to see more merit in focussing on reducing waste, which will with luck be a small part of an overall jigsaw that will end up helping mitigate and/or 'solve' what we might be facing.