Friday, February 13, 2009

Can Can.... er... 't?

The internet can be useful. Especially at putting you right quickly.

Just now I shared a reuse 'tip' from the site, which has proven quite popular, on another site seeking such.

It's a lid from a cream pot that clips on larger food cans, as a substitute for the bought variety.

Seems I may have committed a boo-boo.

Here I was interested in reuse, when 'elf & safety might trump that.

Here's the Food Standards view on it.

I think, for our purposes, we'll stick with the 1/2 day window in the can. We've done a lot worse.


Anonymous said...

well as long as no-one is listening in, I'm going to share a secret with you. We do the thing with old lids all the time and store stuff in the 'fridge in open tins for about 4 days.

I'm still alive ;)

Peter said...

Thanks for that.

I was feeling a bit of a numptie!