Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Walk walk vs. talk talk

With all due apologies to Winston Churchill for the paraphrase.

I tend now to avoid getting into much about climate change (or whatever its incarnation du jour is), much less the man-made aspect.

It seems pretty clear that some odd things are going on, and mostly not good. As I am not so keen on bans, while I do see merit in sensible reductions, mitigations, etc, and ways to effect these.

But I am also a fan of pragmatism, so while there are many (in fact I'd say too many) who still seem to enjoy rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic whilst discussing the number of angels who can dance atop the head of a pin, I tend to get more exciting by things to do. Especially by way of contingencies should what is predicted by many take place.

Hence I, and possibly you dear reader, might find this report from the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, commissioned by Ch4, a worthy, if sobering read. Of course, as with all things, the spectre of 'The Two E's' is again a major elephant in the room.

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