Sunday, March 22, 2009

Big issues. No #36G.

Can cosmetic surgery ever be green?

Nice to see the Londonistas getting to the 'meat' (sorry) of the big eco-issues.

I can see this really bothering my missus of an evening. Population control (major s**t-fight on the BBC this morning. And an interesting way of spinning it in The Observer), MMGW, etc... and getting perky in a way that will impress the gels at the next eco-gathering. Mind you, we do often get excited about plastics, so maybe it's 'in the zone'.

Sadly no option to respond.

My answer to the headline is.. 'Of course. A rusty blade. Limited access to medical care, a bit of gangrene and Bob's your uncle (or boobs the colour of pus-flecked corruption).

Probably just as well I didn't get the chance.

Next up... 'Is your fresh Tofu flown in AND offset?'


No, I think this one is better... and for real. Sadly:

The Aga saga: George Monbiot v William McGrath

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