Thursday, March 26, 2009

CATEGORY - RE:tie support info

Sorry, just using a bit of back-up space to start filing useful info to help the RE:tie efforts.

However, as most pertains to consumer attitudes to environment in their purchasing, especially with packaging, some may find it interesting too.

Daily Express -

Times - Hard-up shoppers abandon organic and fair trade goods


Times - New lease of life for the Co-op


Unknown said...

Wow ... interesting articles. There is a list, which you may have seen, that lists the fruits/veggies with the highest (worst) pesticide load as well as the ones with the lowest (safest) load. With the economy the way it is, perhaps rather than give up organic altogether, one could prioritize their purchases. Here's the link:

Excellent post! BTW ... don't forget to turn out your lights on Saturday, the 28th, for one hour at 8:30 pm ... it's Earth Hour 2009.

Small Footprints

Peter said...

Hey... funny you should post on this.

It's a little 'tuck away' thread to log info I can use for my invention.

But it might have some interesting industry stuff - mainly reuse - added as I go along.