Thursday, March 12, 2009

What does cranking an eyebrow make me?

The climate change conference for deniers

'Whether you call them climate change deniers or skeptics'

Might I suggest one step might be for 'you' not to call 'them' either? I tend to view anything in the reportage field that starts on these bases to be about as much use as stuff that kicks of with 'Treehuggers' or "Hair shirts'. It all gets a bit tribal otherwise.

Perhaps great for those who like pointless spats and endless arguments, but usually not so helpful to sensible discussion on improving my kids' futures on the planet.

It is also my experience that very few who have those labels appended as a pejorative actually deny or are sceptical that the climate is changing. Most seem to be more interested in why and what might be done about it in a practical as opposed to idealistic sense, which means reserving the right to question certain dogmatically-held, and uncritically supported views.

Which is, IMHO, a tad different.

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