Wednesday, April 01, 2009

And for everything else there's RE:use..

Tesco tells shoppers: too much packaging? Leave it with us

oooh - 01 Apr 09, 9:06am

Erm, why can't Tesco just sell goods with less packaging in the first place?

Very good point. Maybe... lots of lovely boxes... to be ticked, and bonuses to be made, from the EU to quangos down, when the recycling rates go up?

I have always wondered why supermarkets go to all the extra expense of the excess packaging when... if it is not necessary. I am aware of some reasons, and a few make sense. Food waste from damage being one... and significant. Also life without an element of design would be a bit boring. And there are bigger enviROI-minus targets to fry first, frankly.

But, for the rest...there's always reuse (more so if designed-in)! Try

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