Friday, April 17, 2009


MONTH - This... er... today

FIELD: Enviro-related
WHEN: 17-18 April
WHAT: UK Aware '09
WHAT... MORE?: From the site blurb: the UK's only green lifestyle exhibition for people who want to learn how to reduce their carbon emissions [No so sure that's quiet true, but never mind]
WHERE: Olympia
WHO: Not!!!! So, no super reuse input, the silly billies.
HOW: As far as I'm aware, it's free if you register.
COMMENTS: Now there's the thing. I only remembered when a little doo-dad popped up to tell me I was going. Well, it appears I am not, as I forgot. Frankly I am not too worried. All-day trips to London are not good on time and pocket poor eco-warriors. But I'd say the website worth a scope to see if it's worth a vizzy if you are already there.

If anyoen goes and has a review I'd be happy to share.

This is posted as a blog feature.

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