Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Funny Old World

Just watching SKY news.

In a piece about vast cash injections to save the car industry, I just heard the reporter quote what I presume to be an attempt at mitigation, that some £600 M is to be provided... but will be ring-fenced for 'green initiatives'....

O....k. Already eyebrow-twitching, I am afraid they are now stuck to the ceiling with what came next: '... such as trying to make Range Rovers more fuel efficient.'

Let me get this straight; our money gets used to buy some bloc votes in the manufacturing heartlands, in the name of green, so some folk can swan about in a 2-ton 4x4 and feel a bit better about themselves?????!

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Instead of me buying an '02 LPG when my clunker died, I should have held out for £2k to buy a brand new Beemer 735i? How's that help country or planet?

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