Thursday, June 18, 2009

1,000 words - wrong message?

Speaking (albeit in another blog) about communicating with the public on matters climatic, I found this banner (leading to this page, should you be interested in going) topical.

Whilst it is good to talk, I have tended to find the preponderance of conferences, and indeed conferences about forthcoming conferences vexing.

Especially as I tend to suspect that they do little to help engage with or change the views of the general public.

However, beyond the fact that Google had ironically popped it in a less than 'green' site, the banner caught my professional eye.

All I saw initially was an overseas conference and a plane (Ok, headed the wrong way) belching out smoke, and it really didn't help assuage my views on these junkets much.

I suppose it is incumbent upon me... us to go if we are concerned, but also the phrase 'get the climate deal we need' smacked of a certain mindset I am less than keen on in this arena, too.

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