Monday, June 22, 2009

What's the collective name or a group of gremlins?

I am opting for a 'dump'.

As in: 'a dump of gremlins'.

Two small setbacks this weekend, though I am hoping that by being highlighted they can be addressed and corrected pretty soon.

First up, having noted a nice, simple plastics reuse idea on the My Zero Waste site, I invited Mrs. Green to enter the competition.

Well, she tried, but it seems she hit problems. I am going to try and figure out why today, and with luck get the experts to cure it. Seems unlikely she was the only one, so who knows who else tried, failed... and gave up. I am grateful to her for letting me know (and for forwarding the error code, which makes things easier still). Most would not bother... the curse of e-ternal e-vigilance if you run a website, especially one with interactivity features.

For the life of me I can't figure out why a machine that works on 0's and 1's can suddenly decide to not work as it has for a decade.

The other was decidedly more human.

One of the main sections of is 'Answers', where you can pose questions via the Junkk site. It comes via a form, and is different to the info [at].

Frankly it was/is rarely used, at least so far. However, a while ago some spam bots got hold of it and I started getting inundated with porn site greetings. Clever devils some, such that I almost thought they were human.

Thing is, it was filling up my in-box, so I asked my IT guru to redirect them to a folder to address later... and then promptly forgot to check it these last several weeks with all the fun & games with getting my Mum cared for.

Anyway, on Sunday, as a Father's Day 'treat' I decided to clear these fellows out. Fortunately, despite there being thousands I didn't just dump and purge, but actually have started going through.

And guess what? As a consequence of the competition I found some questions related to it, including interest from magazines such as The Engineer... sheesh!

And all this with about a week left for the extended competition entry period.

Time for another? Plus another mea culpa? No real harm I figure. The contest could really do with more entries to make it worthwhile.

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