Monday, July 13, 2009

The age old dilemma bites

Watching the BBC paper headlines today.

And there was much play on the fuel poverty aspects of a suggested £200 excess to meet green energy obligations.

Now, the piece in question was rather undermined by the featured family seemingly telling their kids there was no food on the table 'cos of 'leccy costs, yet apparently much of this juice was there to power the Nintendo Wii they were sadly playing with. Interesting priorities.

But there's no getting round the fact that this is quite a hike, and again pits economy vs. environment against each other big time, and at an individual level.

Beyond all the other arguments, as one who does read perhaps more than many, my issue is where the heck this money is actually going to. If it is to decent enviROI+ projects that help in the future then fine, but if it is more pork barrel box-ticking, target-meeting impositions that mainly goes into pols pet projects and subsidised EU projects' green holes, then no, I am not happy either.

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