Friday, July 24, 2009

I love to say 'I told you so', so...

Drivers 'don't trust' road taxes

...I (ok, and a few others) told them so!

And this from a 'pay to pollute' (within limits) advocate! Mind you, I was about the only young flat dweller in London who didn't see the big problem with Poll Tax. Which, by my recollection, would have saved me money, too.

So... '...taxes have been handled so badly that [people] no longer trust what ministers say the charges pay for..'. Well, D'uh. And '...tarnished the image of environmental taxes'. Well, double D'uh'.

I don't claim it's easy to resolve ('Taxing drivers according to how much they use their cars remained the fairest method' - Uh... not so fast. What about rural vs. urban, where taxes have been used to provide public transport system that favours one - that would be the Metro types who have a tube at every corner to whisk them to their next interview, whilst claiming for taxis - over the other. Plus a host of other issues) , but boy, have they made it 10x more difficult for any green initiative in the future.

And as for this: '...drivers were given "no clear explanation" of what they got in return for around £45bn paid in taxes each year'. Farcical.

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