Wednesday, July 29, 2009

POOH CORNER - Flushed with inspiration

Over at My Zero Waste: How to reuse your toilet

So, there are reuses for the hardware as well as the ...ahem.. software.

Funnily enough, in her post Rae mentions washing machine drums, and I have a new idea coming up on these soon. Watch this (well,'s) space.


I must take this opportunity to blog on the trails and tribulations of making changes to a system that seems more finely tuned and jittery than an Arab stallion on speed driving a 60's Ferrari.

For a start, when we uploaded the new upgrades, it all also got moved to a new server, and that's just where the 'fun' started, and looks like it continues.

Because for a magic period the system seems to have posted to an ancient test page which, ironically, uploaded in a heartbeat. And then buried itself in the cache of some who logged on while it was up.

However, in sorting that out, it looks like we are currently bouncing off Mars via Uranus, and if the site loads at all , it is coming by man with cleft stick being towed by a three-legged tortoise.

Not. A. Good. Day!

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