Friday, July 31, 2009

QUOTE OF THE DAY - Weasels 'R Them

In my new guise as an 'entrepreneur' (not quite right: that's a guy with an idea that has made money), I keep slamming into new and ever more painful business realities.

One is that the words 'fixed price' don't actually need to mean what you are told is how what you are expected to pay works out.

Especially with some lawyers (though I have met a few goods ones, if not enough to balance out the blood-sucking, firstborn-taking, ethical black holes that are most).

Which is why I turn to Dilbert. Not for restitution, for even he knows this is not possible, but simply for empathy.

Ch 7. Negotiating Like a Weasel

When you are planning to buy anything expensive, you probably call around to compare prices. Companies have wised up to that strategy and counter it with the weasel tactic known as the accidental misquote...

He goes on:

Why are there no accidental misquotes in the too high direction?

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