Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Selectivity in action

I found this interesting, if sort of funny, in a tragic way...

Minister says he will boycott Nobu over sale of bluefin tuna

Just read the comments (I refrained) to see the way that this is going, and how the very actions PR'd has again been mired in accusations of 'selectivity' at best from another messenger who is in the spotlight for the message they seek to share.

I also predict an 'interesting' if not edifying spectacle of those who are high-profile on the advocacy front being targeted and hence rather restricted in their lifestyle choices. Hard to imagine this working out well in any way in the long term.

As it happens, as it seems a 'delicacy' only for those who can afford to go to flash restaurants I can't see this as a bad bit of publicity as those luvvies who wallow in this area might respond, but as a lover of 'normal' tuna in his weekly lunch sarny I am hoping this is not an issue that will really affect me, but fear it will eventually.

BBC - NEW - Tuna: Fin words, suspicious tail

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