Monday, July 06, 2009

Soapboxes - and how to reuse them

Being a gobby sod, I noted a BBC national 'mini-plinth' story on Breakfast News this morning.

It's in complement to the art installation in London.

Basically a soapbox touring the UK. Hey, any publicity...

Today's kicked off with some first aiders on a beach.

We have made our pitch:

We would like to apply for an opportunity to use the opportunity of your plinth to advocate and share ideas on the joys of reuse.

As we have been, and are encouraged to become ever more 'green aware', the majority of personal initiatives usually involve reduction or recycling.

These, while laudable, are seldom personally rewarding. At least in more tangible ways.

Reuse can save pocket as well as planet. It is also a tad more fun in a 'green' environment that is often dominated by guilt, nanny, threat, scare and fine.

It would be good to show what can be done and inspire still more ideas from the collective imaginations of the country.

Fingers crossed:)

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