Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Voucher Palm lives!... again:)

Just had a call from my chums at EnviroAbility.

Seems they have had customers coming in all week asking why there is not another voucher tree in the place as the Morrisons Let's Grow promo is back.

Their wish... is my not really needed excuse to get back in the shed to make some more coconuts (as all the schools in the last one got their vouchers in theirs).

Nice to see a bit of reuse... reused:)

And to think I wasn't going to 'push it' by suggesting we do it again. Especially as, following the massive redemption success of the last one, Morrisons have again forgotten to mention it to me to see if we can put one in their foyer, where it would do most good:)

Curse this shy, retiring personality.

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