Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Washing machine blues

A while ago our dishwasher packed in.

And in getting it going again, I managed to spin out a blog post. I have of course now lost it, but as a consequence of chatting with an engineer at the sharp end, I learned a few things, one of which was cold water washes may save on the water heating, but may not be that great on enviROI due to pipes getting bunged up through hot water not scouring them .

Well, it has happened again, and I am faced with a a similar dilemma on the price, if not principle of insurance.

Tricky. Stuart, the engineer, says it is a good model with loads of life in it, so I am tempted to keep on. But it is really a bet with the actuaries. 3 more years and I could buy a brand new one on the annual fee. Not a Miele, of course, but still...

Anyhoo, a few tips to pass on. All as a result of that rather nasty collection in the picture.

First up, change is very bad. Do try and ensure you do not leave any in. Thanks to the boys we did end up with enough for a pint, but it could have been at major cost. If the coin does not slide to the trap and gets wedged... major.

The other tip is as a result of the main blockage culprit, namely cord ties.

It is well worth putting any garment with flappy bits in a net bag first. Saves the bits being ripped off and the resulting strands starting a healthy bung.

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