Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Breathing space

Just about to set off, in glorious sun, to the BIS show, when I discover that today is the set up for the big boys.

Tomorrow morning, just before the media arrive, is when we minnows get to play.

M40... do not do your usual at 8am .... pleeeeease:)

The upside is I do get to kiss the missus Happy Birthday tomorrow morning.

The down side is... I am now meddling.

One, thanks to prodding from IT guru David at sound-i, is to create a competition to encourage sign-ups from visitors. Hence, if you come along, you stand a chance to win one of two awesome eco-prizes!

Well, some dryer balls or a bin thing that kinda looks like a huge RE:tie.

As to the rest.... well, with luck there will be some constructive critics in next-door stalls.

And with no 'leccy (too tight to spring for that), I am also wondering if I have enough time to get down the shed and knock of this awesome baby to run my PC:

Pedal-Powered OLPC Laptop for Kids in Afghanistan

Beats standing around all day:) Might even lose the paunch.

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