Thursday, October 01, 2009

Freecycle - A cautionary tale?

What went wrong with Freecycle in the UK?

I have to say I never really had a problem with it, but must confess that, being at the junction of three counties, gave up paying much attention (and hence using) having joined the three groups that this geographical location necessitated (JunkkYard being radial and without limit).

The emails and posts first got side-directed... and then ignored.

Plus I also never quite 'got' the model, which seem to rely on volunteers to run it, but then, as suggested here, seemed to have a board running... meddling with... the show, and seemingly trying it figure out how to make money on top.

Anyway, I'll top up the Category next, though cranking an eyebrow at 'you can't keep taking without giving' on the, new 'musty' non-autocratic front.

Here, we kinda err on 'so long as it is genuinely helping the planet, and all sides are cool on the deal... knock yourselves out'. But that's just us.

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