Wednesday, October 21, 2009

QUOTE OF THE DAY - It's cruel to share but...

Bearing in mind my dealings with, and opinion of, certain quangos... this from a job board:

'XX has just started a new discussion entitled - 'Head of IT and Business Adviser Available!' in the xxx Information Technology forum.

Hi all,

I am a Head of IT and former Business Link Business Adviser who finds himself a victim of the economic climate!

If anyone needs someone like me on a permanen or interim basis, give me a shout! :o)'

Reminds me off my first BusinessLink adviser visit (£300/d to the taxpayer?). During the coffee preamble chat I asked what his background was.. The answer from the bloke here to advise on how I spruced up my IT/media company's business model: 'Ohh, I was FD of a manufacturing company that went bust'.


A bit more fun from the same board, evidently using the same swear filter we do on Junkk (try finding 'scrapstore')

I am a dedicated, hardworking individual with over 5 ye*** *xperience in web management and online marketing.

- Use of ****ytics programs to increase and drive sales (Webtrends and Google ****ytics)

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