Monday, October 12, 2009

QUOTE OF THE DAY - sticks and stones

Feeling a bit battered.

But have to get used to it. Being short and half-Scots means that if I don't agree with something, I am usually moved to say so.

I am just surprised at how many seem to see the only way to 'win' an argument is to take the most extreme position... and then stay there no matter what.

"The complete absence of doubt makes for reassuringly impressive armour in the cut and thrust of debate. That is, until an opponent exposes even the merest chink in it."

Perhaps the problem is more that such folk are more interesting in not just 'winning arguments' but totally dominating them over getting stuff done and/or moving on.

I would leave them to it, but these guys to seem to have a stranglehold on the narrative and seem to be proving a real barrier to progress.

If the public gets its head around positive, proactive green initiatives that do not pose significant impositions but do save planet and pocket, then the opportunity exists to move them on, through honest explanation and persuasion, to further measures as they become clear and present as 'dangers' if not addressed.

But using absolutist language to justify either not doing a thing or throwing everything including the kitchen sink down a enviROI-free green hole will not work for me from either 'side', and I will feel obliged to speak out when total commitment to one or other is demanded with no allowance for rational doubts.

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