Thursday, October 29, 2009

\:( - RIP?

Waste industry speaks out about WRAP 'super body' plans - UPDATE 2 this

On the one hand I have been an advocate of amortisation to reduce the rampant waste through overlapping quangos. So... cautious welcome.

One the other... the lead is....WRAP???????

And what is it about 'superbodies' that gets my eyebrow cranking (new icon in headline) big time?

These are the guys that demanded my business plan, told us 'reuse was not of interest', and then copied a ton of stuff we had done, were doing, are doing and will do using no public money on driving 'not for profit' board member bonusses up in pretty darn near conflict of interest ways via box-ticking, target-meeting 'awareness' campaigns.

The outfit that figured giving huge amounts to vastly-profitable international companies to help them make more money on their packaging was a good deal.

Enough on the various interest groups surrounding this huge industry speaking out; what about the public and consumers being required to plough millions into all this with near zero say or representation?

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