Tuesday, December 08, 2009


The problem with online experiments is that the positives can be matched equally by the negatives.

So for all the advantages of speed, ease of creation, etc, there is that slight worry that the minute you hit 'send', it's out there, for all to see, with its flies open.

And one thing I have discovered is that few in the blog, and especially twitosphere seem of a mind to sidle up and say 'Psst... actually, this doesn't really work [for this reason....]. Maybe time to think of a wee review?'

Anyway, nothing ventured, etc.

Following some truly appreciated support, I am beta-testing (ok, trying out) a new twitter regime.

Basically, I am going to use the new twitter retweet button to scoot throught what comes my way, morning, noon and night. And as the system permits no comments, I can't and hence won't. So if the content delights... or enrages... with luck the twitocrats will realise that to get context they need to follow the trail, to bouquet or brickbat the authors accordingly for their <140 masterpieces.

Meanwhile, the plan is for me to go back over the day (if I have time... most likely next morning) and do a quick review of those that tickled my fancy.

Working title: TWEET 'N LOWDOWN (see who salutes:)

Well, that's the theory.

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