Monday, April 27, 2009

Opportunity knocks

Customers in a fizz over sweet-shop favourite

Well, at the very least, for the 'new', improved pack there's a greenish mitigation awaiting at I look forward to assessing its potential.

I tried posting that sweet notion on the thread, but the stupid Indy 'Live Journal' system truly blows chunks and won't play on either Mac/Safari or PC/Firefox.

Maybe a kind reader might try?

NEW - Guardian to the rescue - A right Sherbet - I think they have a bigger readership, too. Result! Maybe the brand may be moved to cooperate?

Express - NEW - ANGER FIZZES UP OVER NEW SHERBET TUBE - I now see my mission to reduce anger, too

Daily Mail - NEW - Killjoys take the fun out of the Sherbet Fountain to make it more 'hygienic' - Is it just me, or do all the stories read like cut and pasted press releases? Hey, if the opportunity is presented to big up Junkk, I'll take it!

packaging news - NEW - Media outcry as Sherbet Fountain drops paper for plastic -

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