Friday, October 30, 2009


A new one that looks to be topical. As always, share and share alike.


The Register - Brown gov will make 'big commitment' to carbon capture - Big as in small - Nowt like backing a winner!

Greenbang - Carbon capture as much use a chocolate teapot: Greenpeace - Bless

Guardian - Can technology save the climate?

Indy - UK's climate change plans incoherent, says scientist - Oi, Gordon, I think a tabloid has another plastic bag opp for you to devote your energies to.

Greenbang - Think tank gives roadmap for carbon capture in the UK - So the technology is sound...phew. It's just how it gets specified, used, subsidised, traded and all round abused by the cabal of dodgy pols and venal corporates after a quick target-tick and/or short-term £reebie that are the problem.

So I can see all that changing right away. Not.

Gizmag - Carbon Capture: a bridging technology too far?

Guardian - Wicks: All is lost on global warming without clean coal - Feeling secure, are we?

Times - How carbon capture and storage (CCS) could make coal the fuel of the future - Ah, 'could' it?

Greenbang - Is carbon storage really all good? -

FT - EU split on carbon capture intensifies

Guardian - Live Q&A: George Monbiot on clean coal - While I might query the 'leading green commentator' bit, it's a debate, and may be worth following.

FT - The carbon-capture challenge

FT - NEW - Carbon capture and storage in very, very expensive shock


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Dave said...

This caught my eye (below) - some researcher in the US using computational modelling to screen ionic solvents as CO2 capturing molecules. Will probably be a lot more efficient/easier than using conventional solvents like monoethanolamine (MEA).