Friday, March 19, 2010

It's bin real, and it's bin fun...

Well, there she is. Our new wheelie.

And surrounding her is the last 6 months' worth of recycling accumulated while we waited or her.

Why? Well, in one picture you may notice the blue RE:boxes (making not to try and find and update a very out of date page), now late and very lamented.

I had been waiting as, without the wheelie, the bags provided were not going to accept glass, which provides the majority of out non-reused waste, after paper and a horrible amount of plastic film.

So I also segregated away, just to be helpful. Sadly, all for naught. As I had this note:

I have just had a look through the previous correspondence you have had with us and would advise against separating your recyclables into separate bags. It is great to see people doing all they can to improve the recycling process, but as the bags are emptied at our recycling plant, all contents end up being mixed before the automated sorting process begins. The different sorting processes and stages are very effective.

If you're interested, have a look at the following website which explains things further (and a lot clearer than I can).

Oh well.

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