Tuesday, September 21, 2010

NEWS/Commercial PR - Liftshare Week, 4-8 Oct

I do so love it when they write themselves.

Especially in a good cause.

I like to think off myelf not so much as lazy, but more into not wasting perfectly good resources. From the sharing horsepower's mouth:

Just as Junkk is all about match-making - and sharing to avoid waste - so is liftshare.com. So we want to tell you about an event they’ve got coming up which can help you to slash your CO2 emissions, save a load of money and make some new buddies into the bargain...

It’s the first ever liftshare Week from 4-8 October, and the aim is to help as many people as possible discover the benefits of car-sharing. The typical commuter who car-shares every day saves around £800 a year and a tonne of CO2, not to mention reducing their stress levels and having more fun.

To take part in liftshare Week, just sign up to the free www.liftshare.com website and search for someone else going your way so that you can share the journey. You only have to do it on the days that suit you, and you can either take turns driving or - if one of you doesn’t have their own car - the passenger(s) can contribute to the driver’s petrol costs. Everyone wins.

(Oh, and if you’re allowed to spread the word at work by sticking some posters up at your office, you can download them from www.liftshareWeek.com!)

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