Friday, October 29, 2010

COMPETITION - Sustainability Now Social Media Awards


WHEN: Deadline Friday 5th November
WHAT: Sustainability Now Social Media Awards
WHAT... MORE?: Their blurb:

The Sustainability Now Social Media Awards will highlight the very best social media focusing on the creation and sustainability of a green built environment. We’re looking to highlight the most engaging, informative, innovative or simply entertaining sustainability based social media, wherever it may be found.

The theme of the awards is sustainability, but this doesn’t mean it has to be the main focus of these social media efforts; it could be a recurring element among many different discussion areas, or a single tweet, an individual blog post, or the primary subject matter.

The categories:

We have seven categories available for the awards this year. These are open to individuals as well as branded company accounts. Entries and nominations for the Awards close on Friday 5th November.

Nominate yourself or your company in 350 words or less for any of the following categories

Best social media community group
Best Tweeter
Best Blogger
Best brand social media use
Best social media individual

HOW MUCH: Don't see a fee, so 'Weeeeeee!'
COMMENTS: Now, who do we know worthy...:)

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