Wednesday, November 17, 2010

IDEA - Abandon hope...

... all ye who enter here!

Suitably apocalyptic? Good.

Because, earlier today, I was.

The route from here to my Mum's home (where I visit twice daily) is about 10 mile, each way.

It's almost all a stretch of dual carriageway between Ross on Wye and Monmouth, along the A449/40.

On a good day, 10 mins, door-to-door.

On a bad day.... best to be thinking in terms of nifty beard styles.

No dual carriageway or motorway is any different. Great when they work, but you're stuffed when they don't.

And the worst part is that once you're in, there is no way out.

Which got me to pondering.

With all the technology that exists today, from hardware such as Highway Agency gantries to TrafficMaster, and immediate on-site assessments from the police to drivers with Bluetooth mobiles, surely there has to be a way to identify the problems quickly and accurately, and inform others upstream usefully and reliably.

This stretch is a prime example. There is nearly zero alternative route (trust me, I did a tour of Herefordshire trying), so the most logical thing is, surely, to position just two warning signs, one Southbound at Ross and one Northbound at Monmouth, that basically tells you that section of the route is stuffed (for how long in terms of miles and duration until resolved optional extras). I can't see how this would cost too much, and it would save so much.

OK, there will be the vast stream of traffic pouring in that will divert, or stop, or go back, but surely that is better than creating a several mile backing up car park with motors idling?

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