Monday, November 01, 2010

PROF'S POSER - Tow or trail?

Here's a fun one.

On my daily jaunt to visit my Mum, I see quite a few tourist RV's plying the highways.

Some often have a little shuttle bug (usually a Smart) hanging off the back.

Very sensible to simply nose around the latest venue without a monster truck.

T'oher day I overtook two such behemoths, only one was connected to its baby by a tow bar, and the other had it on a trailer which was in turn hooked up to the Mother ship.

Which set me to pondering which would be better.

The latter obviously reduces wear and tear on the towee, especially tyres, but will impose a load on the tower rear.

The former might add more friction (4 wheels vs. 2) but maybe less load (weight of trailer + any down forces).

Not a clue. But keen to find out.

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