Thursday, January 21, 2010

AWARD - Sustain Magazine Awards

Some things are worth getting out of bed for.

Last Thursday, I succumbed to man flu.

By Friday I was a death's door. The merest few moments in front of the PC was enough to have me dashing for the Lemsip and the Sky History channel.

Which was why a cheery call that day to invite me to submit for the Sustain Magazine Awards was just what the doctor hadn't ordered.

But hey, they had heard nice things and had been steered my way, and were happy to give me a last ditch, 11th hr chance if I was up for it.

What's not to love? I honestly have little recollection what I entered for, much less what I wrote ( a lot... the forms were extensive!) in my addled state, but I have just been told and RE:tie are now shortlisted, under the 'Waste' category' at least.

Which is nice. Sustain is a major player in the green world, so this is already a decent endorsement and the gateway to some major networking. And the folk there seem tops. Especially Adam, who has been coordinating the event.

And at least all this gives me an excuse to break out the tux, which is always well complemented by the Vac:Sac as one rubs the shoulder carrying it with those of the worthy and worth meeting who grace such events.

Who knows, we may even score a gong. Better yet, hook up with some complementary folk.

Maybe see you there?

I will also be attending Ecobuild, which is the same day and next door.

Nice reuse of a journey, at least:)


Almost Mrs Average said...

Great news Peter and good luck. Really hope that you win x

Peter said...

Thank you:)

Always nice, but as my family are wont to point out it's shame awards are not edible.

One has to take a view. This is a respected magazine with reach into many places that may be of great value to one's 'cause'.

Hence here's hoping the judges like what they see and give Junkk/RE:tie some very welcome, and needed moments in the spotlight.

But as you, me, Rae and others have found, it's best to just chug along and be pleasantly surprised if and when there a 'result'.

Almost Mrs Average said...

I know what you mean about chugging :-) In fact my husband said to me the other day "it doesn't matter if you're always the bridesmaid and never the bride, the fact that you're at the wedding party is cause for celebration in itself". LOL. A nice comparison I thought. :-)

JulieW said...

Being short-listed is a win in itself, but I hope you go all the way on this one!

Peter said...

That is most kind Julie,

Don't get me wrong... I love awards and what they can do... especially if one scores.

Depending on what they are, who by, etc, the value of PR in local, regional and sometimes even national media can make it very worthwhile.

Not a bad investment for a bit of time (if they are free). Even if you don't get anywhere I am always hopeful that at least passing under the noses of some often well-connected judges can be worthwhile.

I tend to be more in favour of judging vs. popular voting, especially in this internet age where skilled IT types (or outfits with a staff of them) can really drive things and dominate. That said, I was gobsmacked to find with one recent 'green' awards, run by a big online retailer, a massive media blog was running neck and neck with a much smaller one. Admittedly both were plugging like crazy, so it seemed to be down to sheer audience base vs. loyalty of audience. However, the totals were only in the hundreds... from a national daily!

And look at #green in the online twitter Shorty Awards. So far... you can be in the top 20 with two votes, and the leaders I think are only in the hundreds as well... despite concerted 'Vote for...' campaigns by nominees and their mates. When some have followers in several thousands. A real down to earth insight into what it takes to 'move' readers to proactive supporter/voters.

But then with selected judges one is rather in the hands many other factors. It's still an smallish niche and there can be some 'usual suspects' cropping up a lot... often journalists. And in the world of green these are often folk I have had occasion to crank an eyebrow at.

This one has a good 'feel' and, like you and the other ladies say, getting this far alone is nifty enough. Being invited by recommendation was actually already a boost that a nice person had put forward without being asked to!

Anyway...'Shortlisted in the Sustain Magazine Awards' is already bolted to all my marketing materials, naturally!