Sunday, January 09, 2011

Irene Burnett Martin, Junkk Matriarch of Thrift, 31 July 1921 - 8 Jan. 2011. RIP

Beloved Wife to and Widow of John Denis.
Loving, loyal and endlessly supportive Mother to first, only son Peter & then daughter-in-law Joan.
Generous & devoted Grandmother to Kipp & Cody.

Peacefully, in her sleep, after a period of a few months' unfortunate but still happily comfortable and pain-free consignment to her bed.

Beyond all she gave our family, she unhesitatingly helped without question to keep going, and will in so many ways always still do so. Her belief in the concept has been its bedrock and got us through some difficult times.

It's a legacy we hope she will have taken with her that will always be tangible, and mean a lot to all who have, are and will continue to benefit from a small way to spare wasting anything unnecessarily. Something she was most concerned never to do.

That, and having the cheekiest sense of humour to delight all who knew her, right to the moment she rejoined her life partner and soul mate.

Sorely missed. Never to be forgotten.

Update - 12/01/2011

Junkk First Lady Joan has kindly created a special page to carry evolving news and information for any who new Mum -


Almost Mrs Average said...

So sorry to hear your news Peter and my condolences to you and your family. I've never forgotten the conversation we had about your mum following the recycling piece I did with the BBC three years ago. Her comments back then left a long-lasting positive impact. So incredible how she could touch the lives of those she'd never even met. May she rest in peace. xx

Peter said...

Many thanks.

In so many ways a blessing especially for a proud woman laid low. But it could have been a lot worse for her... and us.

She had a great run and saw a lot of good things come to fruition.

I only regret that she did not see more tangible results from or RE:tie.

But given the instant support she provided when it was needed for both, maybe she simply believed they were worthwhile ideas, and that was good enough.

She loved hearing about the newest ideas and the little award and PR victories.

In going through some of her photo archive I have found a few of her playing with me and boxes and tools, so it was not just Dad who was a DIY fan, and I can honestly say she never wasted a thing in her life.

A true inspiration, as my father was.

Going to be a bit lonelier without them, despite my lovely family and friends in support, but it's a comfort to know they both are now together and have played a large part in such a worthwhile legacy to benefit the broader community, that with luck will endure well after their time on earth.