Monday, May 09, 2011

Ideas and the costs of having them

Having an idea, even a good one, is just the start.

As I sit here pondering next moves, I had to suppress a chortle at this just-in email which, in earlier times, would have had me possibly reaching for my chequebook:

xxx - where entrepreneurs and investors meet

Dear Peter

With just under two weeks to go until our next xx Event, we are seeking wilful entrepreneurs with good strong ideas to step forward and grab with both hands, the opportunity to find investment from some of the best Angel Investors the Midlands has to offer.

If you have not already registered for the event, click here. The event costs £799 +VAT which includes help developing your business plan, and attendance at our pitching workshop.

Now, older, wiser, and poorer, I have a more cautious view on where money gets 'invested', by whom, and why.

Also wonder if the really meant 'wilful'? Perhaps, considering the 'deal' proposed, they did.

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