Monday, June 13, 2011

Lights on. No one home.

There are many motivations to 'go green'.

Threat. Persuasion. Inspiration, Bribe. Guilt.

Readers of this blog I prefer 'inspiration'. And if that can be tangible in £ terms, then why not?

But often simple self-interest can be the motivator. If it takes nothing but saves a lot, then it's hard to see a down side.

We don't have a big garden area but it's enough to seek night-time illumination on call.

Hence there are several spots around. All LED. All self-contained solar.

Now I can appreciate the solar is not really an option on many public facilities (though often vast areas do suggest opportunity), but for the life of me, and my rate bill, I can't see why the investment cannot be made in a simple timer/ambient light meter combo to spare unnecessary waste (the irony of the sign on the skip next to the floodlight being 'Green waste' is not lost) at 10.15am on a bright day.

Now, who on earth does one contact to share this notion with? On the case.

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