Monday, July 04, 2011

When in doubt, reuse!

I have not written for a while.

So easy to say... 'so much to do; so little time'.

Not really true, but when push comes to shove, you prioritise.

For some reason I am happier in the shed (there is also the slim possibility of a money-making opportunity being created), especially with the sun shining.

And twitter seems to fit in with that better, though she is also a demanding mistress, if not a seductive, addictive drug. If a I miss a few hours' worth, I can convince myself I am missing the seam of gold I search for daily.

That is actually possibly accurate, but a route to madness.

So in penning this rather short post to an infrequent blog series (will try and keep the ideas topped up more, and hope the efforts are being noticed), I now practice what I preach and share this heartfelt posting, with which I fully empathise:

All change!

It is not easy, but it can still be worth it. But sometimes you have to look into the mirror, and after No.1.


mrs green @ myzerowaste said...

thanks hon - you can probably begin to guess just how difficult that post was to write and how hard the decision was to reach. Today I feel good though; if not a little weird. Hopefully you'll be taking up the baton here a bit more so people can get their fill of the 3 Rs.
Enjoy the sun filtering into your shed :)

Peter said...

No guess required.

I could probably cope better if it at least saw some income generation as a consequence, because the commitment required goes beyond sensible hobby time. Though it is 'fun'.

But not doing that which places food on the table and displaces that which does is stressful, especially these days.

There is also the addictive side, which can only be addressed by cold turkey.

On twitter I am either 'on' or 'off'. No problem going on hols and not switching on a PC, but soon today I will be compelled to dip in every hour to surf back and make sure I have not missed a gem of info or opinion. All I can do not to see what happened overnight on US-based feeds.

That... I need to address.