Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas One & All!

OK, so you wake up, for no good reason, at 5.30am... what to do?

Well, one thing is realise that you have rather neglected the website a bit.

And it would be remiss to not have a Christmas greeting to Junkketeers far and wide (there may even be an actual 2011 year-end - well, annual, as I think it will be the first - newsletter next week).

I really should have created something whizzily reuseful and original, but that ain't gonna happen today (once I open my presents later, maybe), so was stumped for a picture.

Then I hit upon the true spirit of Christmas, with a side order of innovation and reuse (well, 'ish), in the form of this picture. The boys, of course, will not emerge until midday, but here are my prides and joy doing what comes naturally during the season of goodwill... trying to knock each other off bikes with jousting poles. I guess I should be glad they have at least put boxing gloves on the ends. And they are outside. Not zapping aliens.

What more could a proud parent hope for?

Seasons Greetings all!

ps: And an always worthwhile recycling of a great musical number by our lovely Junkk First Lady: 'The 12 e-ways of Xmas!'

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