Monday, September 24, 2012

Good news for a wet Monday

Some nice news to start the day!

My invention has been shortlisted in the Best Sustainability Initiative category of The World Juice awards - 

Goes some way  to offsetting all the grief I've been having on IP for RE:tie with the US Patent Office.

In other news....

We are in the middle (erring on wrong side of that midpoint) of a massive rejig of the entire online & social media estate.

So much has moved on since (which, sadly, remains in her 'classic' incarnation, at least as far as the 'guts' are concerned - which, fingers crossed still do what they are meant to, if in a clunky way) was created, with amazing, free scripts now available to allow content to be put up and exchanged across platforms so much more easily.

Hence we are trying to integrate, link and automate them all as much as possible. So, for instance, this news will, with luck, get 'placed' on one platform and then be distributed across others (even LinkedIn) without needing to cut & paste or edit.

In theory.

It's proving a massive undertaking so please be patient.

I'm also hoping to 'split' shares and RTs from such as twitter, that have to now been pooled under JunkkMale, such that what is eco goes under a green section, advertising under Firebird, music under a category for that... etc.

There will still be 'views', but also a bunch of extra shared information that will, with luck, also be easily archived and searched.

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