Monday, October 29, 2012

Kept in the dark and fed...

I am usually the first to try to see the industry or food brands' side on matters packaging.

Here it is hard not to feel a tad... vexed.

Our local Morrisons has gone all 'veggie', which is actually pretty neat.

The missus is thrilled, with all manner of Chinese veg. on offer (I presume grown hydroponically here rather than in a dioxin-dusted paddy field).

Me... I like mushrooms.

So now going beyond the usual button, field and chestnut options is great.

And most are in baskets to be scooped lovingly by hand into paper bags (albeit with a plastic window). Though one, at £700/kg, may need restraint in the scooping.

However, some are in sealed plastic.

It's hard not to see a possible reason.

The pack is labelled as 100g.

What is a bit naughty is the majority of that is in the base bundle that most will cut away... and is conveniently hidden under the printed segment.

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