Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Blink and you'll miss it

Bad enough that I have left the blog a bit lonely for too long.

But it has been long enough to not notice a ton of new features have been added by Blogger to make what does go up more searchable, shareable and all round 'able'.

I had a rare idle moment and clicked a few things that offered my a raft of options which, a few clicks later, are up and running.

Check 'em out in the right hand Nav Bar. Hopefully they do what they say on the tin!

Going to try out the translate drop-down as soon as this is posted.

Boy, does this make me jealous for what could have been almost 15 years ago when I first created, with custom scripts that cost a fortune and took all sorts of savvy to use much less embed.

Now it's all instant, free and awesome.


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