Tuesday, August 20, 2013

COMPETITION - Get creative with old plastic Coca-Cola bottles


PR is a funny game. Seems every day I get an invitation to try out some 5* eco resort in Peru which, while nice, may just cross a few ethical boundaries I may have on enviROI grounds.

Yet a genuine, local, consumer reuse story I have to stumble across in, of all things, a trade website!

Whatever tracky things the PR industry uses need a tweak.

WHENSix weeks, from now to Sept 30.

WHATGet creative with old plastic Coca-Cola bottles
WHAT... MORE?: The http://www.dontwastecreate.co.uk/ site seems a bit of a zoo, so here from the original summary:

The online initiative, in collaboration with supermarket Sainsbury’s, will “encourage consumers to use their waste packaging at home in a fun and useful way, while also pledging to recycle”.

Parents will be asked to submit recycling ‘pledges’ – such as turning used bottles into products such as bottle bird-feeders or self-watering bottle plant pots – and those taking part will receive money-off vouchers for CCE products and the chance to win a ‘glamping’ holiday in France.

“Through utilising an accessible online mechanic, the campaign helps us to reach a wide audience, allowing us to communicate to customers across the UK how easy it is for them to play their part.”

I will have to ponder that last paragraph a while to grasp what it means. Maybe I need a small child to translate.

HOW MUCH: Free! As always, just as we like it. 
COMMENTS: It will probably freak them out that to 'How often would you say you recycle in the home?' I opted for 'Never' because, of course, we don't recycle, we reuse.

And, immodestly, most ideas already on Junkk.com using their stuff are a whole lot better than what they are putting up in example.

Also, as a bit of geeky web input, it's rather disconcerting to fill it all out, hit 'Pledge' and get nothing other than a return to the blank form. I'm also not sure what I downloaded from the ideas button, as nothing happened bar getting an instruction PDF.

Still, for my name & email, a chance at a glamping holiday may be worth it still.

I wonder how sincere they are about reuse, though?

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