Monday, April 14, 2014

All Good Things Probably Come To An End - Poundland's Neil Ballard Departing

Several years ago I had taken a stand a packaging expo.

Part, part RE:tie, I was 'selling' the notion of designed-in reuse.

Sadly, considering the investment, both financial and in time, no takers.

However, there was one small silver lining, and that was in the form a gentleman (in all senses of the word) and his team who stopped by to chat about what I was up to and pushing.

I thought nothing of it really at the time, beyond enjoying the conversation I had with them.

Until, later, I got a funny little email from him. Paraphrasing, it read:

"Hope you don't mind," he wrote, "but we were so impressed with your concepts, we have decided to put your website URL on the company homepage, and all our packaging."

It marked the start of a great period (check the 'Labels' links to see the back and ongoing story), I hope, for all parties involved in the relationship.

Certainly benefited and still benefits from a significant signing uptake from those who have bought stuff from Poundland and seen the URL on the packaging.

However, sadly, in the course of one of our infrequent catch-up chats recently, I have learned that packaging manager Neil Ballard, the man who made all this possible, is moving on.

And, selfishly, I was also disappointed that he suspected that with him going, so would the mutually-rewarding relationship.

But it was great, fun and great fun while it lasted.

I hope all Poundland shoppers who discovered and were inspired by the profile provided by Neil via the packs have enjoyed what they have found... and will stay on to continue doing so.

But as an era clearly passes, thanks Neil!

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