Wednesday, May 07, 2014

An expo a day helps you work, res... no, work is pretty much it

Yesterday's Greenlinks event came and went without incident.

Or much of an audience, sadly. I can't help but feel that few, if anyone, knew it was happening outside a rather select collection of folk. I certainly didn't see any mention in any local media we get.

But as always quality was on hand to compensate for lack of quantity.

Certainly the chats I had with fellow exhibitors and those public who did visit were good fun.

I did notice one thing, and that was the age range, which started at retiree and headed North. Can't see much evidence that 'da yoof' find the environment a pressing concern. However I may be able to play a small part in turning that around, as I was as a consequence of the stand and message(s) invited to present next month at a University of Worcester event.

Really not much else to report as the exhibition mix was the usual grant bodies, solar guys and that was about it.

The talk by Simon Crowfoot of ecotricity about the e-Highway was interesting, if as much for what he cheerfully admitted was unknown as some intriguing facts on electric cars and charging them around the UK.

I had thought's revenue model was doomed by reality, but theirs seems little short of suicidal. Unless all of a sudden everyone does get a Nissan Leaf, in which case I don't give out much hope for the UK's carbon credit status, chances of getting a cuppa during a Bank Holiday travel rush, or out of a motorway service station e-point any time soon if everyone wants their 20min free juice up every 120 miles.

I am thinking maybe life is more defined by Shank's Pony, and the wisdom of ensuring that whatever you exhibit, make sure one item is a stool.

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