Thursday, February 26, 2015


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Arts & Crafts

Arts and Crafts Information

The term 'Arts and Crafts' means a host of activities and hobbies that are related to making things with ones hand or skill. Arts and crafts can be in the form of knitting, weaving, patchwork, card making, scrap booking, collage, beadwork, and decoration. 

Arts and crafts often play a big part in a child's development. It helps develop and encourage imagination, creativity and skill. Nowadays you can buy many craft materials from shops. Glue, glitter, beads, cardboard, paint, paper, ribbon, stickers, paper, pens, plastic etc. It can all add up. Alternatively why not take a look at some of the items your about to throw away. Everyone remembers the classic washing up advert when the child is waiting for his mother to finish the bottle so that he can use it to make something. Here are a few examples of potential art and craft materials:

* Washing up liquid bottles - make the robot body, or a water pistol

* Plastic milk bottles - great for making ships and robots

* Toilet rolls - great for a number of things such as decorations on the Christmas tree

* Ready made meal trays - pirate boats

* Caps off plastic drinking bottles - various colours can be turned into board games, into robots, used for building ships etc. 

* Shoelaces - used to tie things together (not to tie up a brother and sister!)

* Newspaper and magazines - for paper mache

This isn't just for children though. Many people make a living from making things such as cards (quite popular in card shops) patchwork quilts to handmade candles. 

For community groups such as brownies, scouts, or schools, why not take a visit to a scrap store to get art and craft material? A scrap store is where people can donate material they no longer want, for community groups and schools to use. Sometimes a small fee is involved.

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