Monday, March 02, 2015


So there you are driving along.

The sun is out; the sky is blue.

All is well.

Then, suddenly, ahead you see a honking great sinkhole take out the road ahead.

So you make that sound in the headline, stop, and thank your lucky stars it did not present a little later while you were over it.

Some may have noticed I have been trying to upload here the Articles on various topics Chief of Stuff Emma created many moons ago, as these will be lost once we move from the IT equivalent of Illuminated Script to more contemporary versions.

First Lady PJ had already asked why we would be on WordPress when I was moving yet more to Blogger, and whilst true I thought I had a top answer, namely the rather fortuitous coincidence that whatever was written in was the same as Blogger, so I literally could highlight, copy and paste all her work en masse... text, links, images.

However, it has now dawned....

Because the whole point to the move is not only to move to a more modern format, but also try and save running costs too.

And when Classic gets parked, so too will its databases, including all those lovely royalty-free images that pretty up the articles so well.  It goes off line, I'm guessing more 'X's than a Castlemaine stand at a porn conference.

So... if not return to drawing board, at least a short further pause for thought. But at the end of the rainbow there is always light, right?

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